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                            A Poem About Hope   
                  She came to me on a summer's day,
                  On her way to the auction, a throwaway.
                  She turned and looked, and I knew then, 
                  She came to me to be my friend.
                  She came to me, old and worn,
                  Ragged hair and hooves were torn.
                  But I saw in her eyes a heart of gold,
                  She came to me worn and old.
                  She came to me, she needed mending,
                  So much to do, there's no pretending.
                  But she told me something from deep inside,
                  She came to me so I can ride.
                  She came to me, she knew I would,
                  Take care of her, do all I could.
                  A warm stall, sweet hay, a vet and care.
                  She came to me, to be repaired.
                  She came to me, and over time,
                  Her eyes grew bright, her hair grew fine.
                  Her hooves and legs grew over strong,
                  She came to me, a friend, lifelong.
                  She came to me, one summer's day,
                  Even though she was a throwaway.
                  With love and care we've made a team.
                  The heart of gold that I had seen.

To Mia:

Is it fate that you came into my life? From so far away, you were roughly loaded onto a trailer, riding endlessly to that harsh feedlot in Minnesota. Your fate seemed sealed.

But one day some kind and caring women came to the lot. They were impressed by your friendliness and the way you followed them wherever they went. Did you know that if you stayed close to them they would take you from that horrible sad place? Judy lovingly cared for you until the day you left to come home to me.

From Minnesota you traveled first to Iowa, then to Kentucky and finally to your new home in Ohio. The journey took a week, seven long days. You must have wondered where you would finally end up. During that endless week of waiting, I often wondered if you were only a figment of my imagination.

Someone, somewhere must have loved you. It is evident in your kind and calm manner.

Did someone spend countless hours brushing you and feeding you your favorite treats? Do they ever wonder what became of you? I wonder what was your name back then? And how in the world did you end up at that feedlot...waiting for the truck that would take you to your undignified, humiliating death at only 4 years of age?

Relax and sleep sweet Mia. You will never know another day of hunger, never be unsure of your place again. You will be loved and cherished for the rest of your life!
For you are indeed the queen among equines. Strong and sure. Beautiful and swift. You are safe and loved.


Jill Weimer