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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
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The following is a list of things that the horses need while they wait for new homes:

Feed: Hay, Senior, Junior, Sweet Feed, Salt Blocks and Holders, Weight Builder, Joint Flexion Products, Etc.

Wormer: Paste or Pellets

Medical Supplies: Vet Wrap, Bandages, Antibiotic Ointments, Iodine, Rubbing Alcohol, Vaccines, Sheet Cotton, Etc.

Blankets: All sizes

Halters: All sizes from foal to draft

Leadropes:Any length or style

Grooming Supplies: Brushes, Curry Combs, Hoof Picks, Brush Boxes/Containers, Mane/Tail Detangler, Hoof Dressings, Etc.

Giving Horses a Second Chance at Life