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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
Foster Program

Foster homes provide a temporary home for horses that are placed into the adoption program. The foster family donates their time, facility and the cost of upkeep for the horse until they are adopted. Vet and farrier work is covered by the foster family unless otherwise arranged. Extensive, necessary vet care will be covered by MHAP. Foster homes must be approved by a MHAP representative.

Once approved, MHAP will select a horse in need of fostering. The foster horse will remain with the foster family until it is deemed adopted or other arrangements have been made with the foster family. Foster families must be aware that fostering a horse is not a trial period prior to adopting. When an adoptive home is found for the horse, prior to the adoption, the foster family will be given first chance to adopt the horse.

The foster agreement must be signed prior to the horse leaving MHAP premisis.

Midwest Horse Adoption Program 13358 530 St West Concord MN 55985