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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
Adoption Requirements and Procedures

Horses adopted from MHAP must be well treated, fed, sheltered and cared for. Abandoned, starved, neglected, or inhumanely treated horses will be subject to repossession by MHAP.

The horse must be provided with adequate shelter, proper feeding, fresh water, and humane treatment at all times. Adopter agrees to ensure that, if the horse is boarded, all the above are provided. The adopters or stables feeding program must keep the horse in good flesh with no ribs or backbone visible.

If the horse becomes sick or lame the adopter agrees to provide prompt medical treatment. If adopter is unable to provide such care the horse must be returned to MHAP.

Adopter will provide adequate, safe fencing.

Adopter certifies they he/she has no prior convictions of inhumane treatment to animals.

Adopter will not breed the adopted horse due to the overpopulation of grade horses in the United States.

Adopter is responsible for all expensive incurred for the care of the horse. There are no reimbursements.

If the adopter does not have experience with horses he/she may be asked to take at least one basic horsemanship/animal husbandry class.

MHAP reserves the right to refuse adoption of any horse to any adopter if MHAP deems the adopter or the adopters facility unfit.

MHAP reserves the right to refuse the adoption of any unbroke or green horse to any adopter whom, in MHAPs assessment, is less than experienced in handling horses. Exceptions may be made for adopters who have a written, signed confirmation or contract from and experienced horseperson who will be training the horse for the adopter.

MHAP retains the ownership of the horse for a probationary period of at least 1 year from the date of the adoption. During this time adopter agrees to allow MHAP to monitor the well-being of the horse and, if it is found the horse is not well cared for, MHAP may repossess the horse. MHAP will take legal action to recover all costs and attorneys fees if such action is required.

Within the one year probationary period the adopter agrees that the horse cannot be sold, given away, traded, leased, bred, or used for any commercial purpose other than for showing. If adopter cannot or does not wish to care for the horse, it must be returned to MHAP. No refunds will be given for returned horses. Depending on circumstances, replacements may be an option.

Written permission from MHAP must be granted to sell, lease, breed, give away the horse within the one year probationary period.

Within the one year probationary period the adopter must notify MHAP, in writing, of any of the following events:

1. Death of horse. Notification is required immediately with a veterinarians statement/cause of death.

2. Moving of the horse from the location recorded with MHAP. Notification is required within 14 days if the horse is moved to a new location for more than 30 days.

3. The horse suffers a major injury or medical problem.

4. Adopter moves or changes his/her phone number. Notification is required within 14 days so MHAP may conduct follow ups on the horse.

Adopter agrees to abide by all the above conditions. If MHAP, or its designee, find that any of the above conditions have been violated, the horse may be repossessed by MHAP.

MHAP, or its designees, will not be held liable for any damages, or injuries, the horse, or its adopter, may cause during, or after, the 1 year probationary period.

After the one year probationary period, if the horses care is satisfactory, and upon MHAP approval, the ownership of the horse will be transferred. Transfer of ownership will be effective when MHAP mails the Adoption Certificate to the adopter.

MHAP requests that the adopter keep the horse for the remainder of its life.

Payment may be in the form of a money order or cashiers check. Personal checks are accepted however, the horse will remain with MHAP until the check clears. Adoption fees will be paid in full prior to the adoption of the horse.

Transportation of the horse, and all costs involved, is the responsibility of the adopter.

The adopter has 10 days after paying the adoption fee to arrange transportation of the horse. If transportation cannot be arranged within that period, a boarding fee of $5.00 per day will be added. All boarding fees will be paid in full prior to the horse being removed from MHAPs premises.

By signing below, the adopter agrees to the preceding adoption requirements and procedures in their entirety. Adopter agrees this is a legally binding contract.

Name of adopted horse

Description of adopted horse

_________________________ _______________________
Signature of adopter Signature of MHAP designee

_______________ Date signed ____________ Date signed

Any questions or comments forward them to

Midwest Horse Adoption Program 13358 530 St West Concord MN 55985