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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
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Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight......


An old gelding awaiting rescue in the feedlot.

Junior, Senior, 12%, Hay

Supplements & Vitamins

Stall mats $30-$45ea.

Halters and Lead Ropes $2-$9

Pellet & Paste $2-$10

Pitch Forks Hay Forks

Blankets & Sheets
All sizes

Shavings or straw $3.75bag

Plastic garbage Cans:
For grain storage $5-$10

Barn Lime $2bg

Buckets 5gal $2

Without your donations, we would not be able to save horses like Pacey, who is currently in rehab. All donations go directly to the rescue horses. We are currently in desperate need of bedding and worming paste or pellets.


If you would like to donate any items you feel we could use email us at or just mail it to:MHAP
C/O Judy Roal
13358 530 ST
West Concord, Mn 55985