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Midwest Horse Adoption Program
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The following people deserve much more than a simple thank you... They have each contributed to the rescue in their own way, making it possible for us to do what we do.

The whole MHAP rescue team! Annie, Cindy, Judy, Terri, Melissa, Renata, Molly... You guys are great!!!!!

Susan E. Lingerfelt for her generous donation in loving memory of her Grandmother, Alina Dettmann.

Molly of Meadow Hill Stable for letting us use her spare barn for the rescue horses.

Jill W. in Ohio,for adopting Mia and for her support and friendship.

The friends and families of the rescue team, Kevin, Jayson, and the Wold family for being supportive!

Mary-Jo, who offered her farrier skills to our rescue horses.

The Dunham family in Lakeville for their donation of shavings. Thanks guys!

A special thank you to Randy Kraling of Spring Valley, MN for all his hard work training Dutchess. You did an awsome job with her.


Susan Slater for offering Bunnie and Lily lifelong homes.

Marcy K. who adopted Snow. Thanks for being so patient with us!

Gail D in OH who adopted Thunder and Duran

Susan E from the Ponderosa Ranch, for getting involved with our rescue.

Congrats and Thanks Curt Reid and family for their adoption of Bailey and Pele.